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GENERAL LIABILITY: This coverage provides various limits of liability (standard limits are $2MM occurrence/$4MM aggregate) for the franchise, and its employees.Coverage includes bodily injury and property damage, personal and advertising injury, as well as miscellaneous medical payments to others.

PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY:This coverage affords protection against claims for injuries arising out of the insured’s acts or omissions of a professional nature including any negligent act, error or omission, actual or alleged, which arises out of the rendering of or failure to render a healthcare related professional service, within the scope of your business. (standard limits are $2MM occurrence/$4MM aggregate but other limits are available). Our coverage for both General and Professional Liability is written on an occurrence form, which is typically preferred over claims-made. MORE INFO ON CLAIMS-MADE vs OCCURRENCE FORM

SEXUAL MISCONDUCT: This provides coverage against the actual, alleged, attempted, proposed or threatened sexual molestation, abuse, assault, or battery by an employee.

HIRED & NON-OWNED AUTO: Liability coverage provided for suits brought against you by a third party for claims regarding autos you hire or do not own that are used in connection with your business.

PROPERTY & BUSINESS INTERRUPTION: Provides coverage for direct physical loss or damage to your office contents. Building coverage is also available. In addition, our policy includes a variety of coverage extensions at various sub limits. Some of these items include: Electronic data, Glass, Property in Transit, Business Personal Property of Others, Property off Premises, Accounts Receivable, Valuable Papers, Business Income, and Extra Expense.

CRIME-EMPLOYEE DISHONESTY/THIRD PARTY THEFT BONDS: Employee Dishonesty is a first party coverage which protects employers from loss due to theft by their employees. Third Party Theft pays for loss or damage to money and other property that is owned by the client with whom you are under written contract to perform services on the client’s premises, and which results directly from theft by an employee.

EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES LIABILITY: This provides coverage against the actual, alleged, employer misconduct relating to employees.  Wrongful Terminaion, Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment 

CYBER LIABILITY: Coverage that helps your company in the event your client's personal information is stolen or exposed.  Also in case your computer system is compromised by hackers. 

WORKERS' COMPENSATION: Provides coverage for employees for on-the-job injuries. This coverage applies regardless of fault and is written to follow individual state laws. Coverage is provided for medical expenses and lost wages. There are four states known as monopolistic states; North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming. If you reside in these states, you must purchase your workers’ compensation through the state. Employers’ Liability is a feature of standard workers’ compensation policies. This coverage applies to liability that may be imposed on an employer outside the provisions of a workers’ compensation law.

BUSINESS AUTO: Liability and physical damage coverage is provided for business autos. The liability limit offered is $1MM and deductible levels on physical damage coverage are available.

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